Key Ring Expandable Baton 12″

Explore the perfect balance of safety, value, and practicality with our mini 12 inch expandable baton with key ring, a recommended choice among law enforcement and civilians. Featuring a rubber formed grip for optimal comfort, it offers non-slip control and ensures maximum grip even under distress. Built from the highest quality materials, it ensures exceptional durability and a perfect compact companion for self defense and security.U-Guard Free Shipping, 1 Year Warranty, Purchase Satisfaction Guarantee Policy Logo


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12″ Steel Expandable Police Baton With Key Ring

The Police Force 12″ Expandable Steel Baton with Keyring is a top-of-the-line self-defense tool perfect for police officers, military personnel, security professionals, and civilians alike. Made in Taiwan, this baton is crafted with solid steel, ensuring durability and reliability. The compact design allows for easy carrying, with the keyring attachment providing added convenience. Whether looking for a reliable tool for personal safety or professional use, this expandable baton is the perfect choice.

Measuring 5 1/2″ when closed and expanding to 12″ with a simple wrist flick, this baton is designed for quick and easy deployment when needed. The rubberized handle provides a comfortable and secure grip, allowing you to maintain control in high-pressure situations.  You can trust that this baton is built to last and will provide you with peace of mind for years to come.

Whether you are a law enforcement officer looking for a reliable tool for your duty belt, a security professional needing a compact and effective self-defense weapon, or a civilian looking to enhance your safety, the Police Force 12″ Expandable Steel Baton with Keyring is the perfect choice. With its solid steel construction, convenient keyring attachment, and compact size, this baton is designed to meet the demands of professionals. Invest in your safety and security today with this high-quality expandable baton.


  • Designed with quality solid steel.
  • Dimensions 5 1/2″ closed, and expands to 12″
  • Opens & locks with a flick of the wrist.
  • Rubberized formed a non-slip grip.
  • The 12 Inch baton weighs In at .55 lbs.
  • Built in Key Ring.
  • Quality materials, and manufactured in Taiwan.
  • 1 Year Warranty.


  • (1) 12″ Steel expandable baton with key ring.
  • Instructions.
  • Warranty.


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Key Ring Expandable Baton 12 InchesKey Ring Expandable Baton 12″
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