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stun gun highest voltage

The Physics Behind a Stun Gun’s Highest Voltage

When it comes to stun guns, one of the most common questions that arise is what the highest voltage they can deliver. But does the voltage of a stun gun really matter, or is it the milliamps that are more important? A stun gun’s highest voltage has been a marketing

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self defense law in ga

Self Defense Law in GA: What Counts as Legal Action?

When it comes to self-defense, understanding the laws in your state is crucial. In Georgia, self-defense laws play a significant role in determining what actions can be deemed legal when defending yourself. Let’s dive into the specifics of self-defense law in GA and what counts as legal action in various

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Stun Gun for Dogs

Decoding the Controversy – Stun Gun for Dogs

So, you’ve heard about stun guns for dogs and you’re wondering if it’s actually a humane and effective safe way to protect yourself from a potential dog attack. The idea of using a stun gun on a dog might raise some eyebrows, but let’s dive into the controversy and whether

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self defense items for women

Safe and Secure: Picking the Right Self Defense Items for Women

When it comes to self-defense, it’s crucial for women to feel safe and empowered. Choosing the right self defense items can make all the difference in a potentially dangerous situation. Let’s explore the best self defense items for women and discuss what factors women should consider when picking the right

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self defense laws california

California’s Laws on Self Defense: What Can You Own?

When it comes to self-defense laws in California, it’s important to understand what weapons you can legally own and use to protect yourself. Knowing the rules and regulations surrounding non-lethal weapons can help you feel prepared and empowered in the face of potential threats. Stun Guns – Can You Use

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strongest stun gun

Breaking Down the Science Behind the Strongest Stun Gun

If you’ve ever wondered about the science behind the strongest stun guns, you’re in the right place. From the power source to the voltage and milliamps, we’re diving deep into what makes a stun gun pack a punch. Let’s break it all down! The Heart of the Matter: What Powers

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Is Pepper Spray Allowed in Schools

Is Pepper Spray Allowed in Schools? A Comprehensive Look

Is pepper spray allowed in schools? This is a question that many students and parents may have, especially when considering personal safety on school campuses.  We will look into the legal landscape of pepper spray and mace type products in schools, college policies on pepper spray for personal security, on

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is pepper spray legal in Mexico?

Pepper Spray Laws In Mexico – What You Need To Know!

Is pepper spray legal in Mexico? This is a question that many travelers may have when considering their safety while visiting the country. Whether you are driving into Mexico or flying in, it’s important to understand the laws and restrictions surrounding pepper spray and its use in Mexico. The Legal

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