High Voltage Stun Guns

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High Voltage Stun Guns For Self Defense.

This page is compiled of the most popular stun guns that are considered high volt stun guns. The stun devices that made this page have been field tested for durability and quality and carry the most powerful high volt stun gun badge.  Just to make a quick the point. Not all stun guns and brands of stun devices are created equal.  We test all the models and designs in the field before we decide to stock and offer any product to our valued customers. If any brand, model stun gun, taser or shock weapon does not pass our rigorous testing process. It dose not make the cut to be sold and backed by U-Guard Security Products.  All stun guns are sold with Free Shipping, Purchase Guarantee and most models come with a Lifetime Warranty backed by U-Guard.  If you are having difficulty deciding what self-defense product is best for your needs please feel free to contact us we are here to help.

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