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Security alarms are no longer reserved for just the house, home, or apartment. Our personal safety alarms make it easier than ever to reach out when you need help most. Whether on your keychain or strapped to an ankle while jogging these convenient devices let us know you are always being looked out for. They come in a variety of colors and shapes so that they can be always worn anywhere on your person without restraint. Personal safety alarms are affordable reliable security devices that offer protection against attackers so you can let others know you need help. We offer a large selection of keychain alarms, water dampness alarms, alarms for child safety, GPS tracking alarms, and alarms for traveling or dorm room security motion alarms to help you stay alert and safe when away from home. For those with limited mobility, the mobile body alarm has easy-to-reach buttons or pull straps that can be operated without interrupting what you’re doing. The choice of key ring designs and settings offers different levels of protection and emergency response for different situations.

When you need the most reliable personal safety alarms for women, children, and others in a compact size with high functionality and quality design, our personal travel alarm products offer exceptional on-the-go convenience like no other. Personal safety alarms come in decibel volumes up to 150 decibels that run off batteries with or without remote activation or motion sensor features. The loudest personal safety alarm was created with your safety in mind depending on the situation. Most keychain compact loud alarms will scare off potential offenders and help to keep them at a safe distance. Most of the new personal alarm accessories can be mounted on a keyring, backpack, purse, doorknob or sit on a table or shelf with motion sensor alarm sensor capability?

Loudest Personal Safety Alarms

The loudest compact personal safety alarms are in the upper decibel range of 120db to 140db of piercing sound. The most effective personal safety devices that are considered loud will start at about 90 decibels as the starting range for smaller children for backpacks or on coat zippers and jackets. Some of the personal safety alarms models include a flashlight or flashing strobe light feature.

Guard your safety with this self-defense keychain personal alarm! You can use it to alert others, scare off aggressors, sound the alarm quickly in threatening situations with a push of a button or a pull of a pin. Women, children, and seniors alike have a booming need for personal safety in public places. When personal safety is on the line, only the highest quality hardware and security devices will suffice. All our self-defense alarm keychains are built to last and work when needed. These easy-to-use this devices are activated by just pushing a button or pulling a pin to set the loud alarm off.  Most personal safety loud alarm devices will sound an average piercing alarm of 120dB  – 130dB. The decibel will be higher for larger style portable security alarms for rooms as a security system when traveling or for college dorm rooms.

Best Personal Safety Alarms & Devices

We offer some of the best personal safety alarms and portable security systems available and a large selection to choose from. In a world where your safety can never be guaranteed, now you can take matters into your own hands with the best personal safety alarm for security and self-defense. The small, yet powerful device emits an ear-piercing alarm to startle a potential attacker and call for help, all while letting you slip free from their grasp. As the popularity of personal safety alarms and security devices has become in higher demand. You can now order alarms with stun guns and flashlights, along with pepper sprays with alarms built-in. Some of the newest model alert alarms come with GPS tracking with the personal loud alarm device and alert apps that allow you to directly connect to your family and friends in emergency situations. There are many cases where safety alarms could help to protect yourself. Personal security alarms are the perfect product for people traveling and staying in hotel rooms, or college students that want extra security in their dorm room. Thank you for stopping by U-Guard Security Products and please call, email, and contact us if you need any help selecting the perfect personal safety alarm or compact security system for traveling and staying in a hotel room, apartment, college dorms or just to carry with you every day on your keys or backpack for your personal protection.  We are here to help keep you, and your loved ones stay safe and secure.

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