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About Stun Gun Pens

Stay safe with a stun gun pen! This style stun gun offers a slim, compact, lightweight, and discrete less lethal self defense tool. stun pens are an affordable shock weapon effective for self-defense and personal protection. With its mobile design, a stun gun pen is easy to use and carry. It can easily fit in your hand, pocket, backpack, or purse. The discreet look offers the element of surprise with its  design style that looks similar to an executive-style pen. Stun gun pens provides several benefits and features depending on your personal protection needs without the lethal liabilities of other weapons. The new stun pen design styles offer several colors and size options. Our modern stun gun pens include an extended-capacity internal battery pack with built-in USB intelligent charging systems that prevent overcharging. At the same time, the led indicator charge lights inform you when the taser pen is fully charged or needs to be charged.

How Does A Stun Gun Pen Work?

Tazer pen stun guns are powerful, hand-held nonlethal weapons that can deliver an incapacitating electric shock and help deter threats and protect you in dangerous situations. How does a stun pen work? The taser pen emits a high voltage current that delivers a milliamp charge to temporarily disrupt the attacker’s voluntary muscle control while also creating an intense painful shock sensation with an audible crackling noise and bright blue spark. This temporary electric shock causes pain, confusion, and disorientation, allowing you to get away and seek help or call for backup without serious physical injury.

Is A Pen Stun Gun Dangerous?

The stun pen is a revolutionary self-defense tool that looks indistinguishable from a typical pen and delivers an electric shock to stun attackers. This, less lethal stun device is lightweight and easy to carry, making it the perfect choice for individuals seeking protection in potentially dangerous situations. And while it may look harmless on the outside, its high volt output power provides quick defensive action when required. Despite the stun gun pen’s small size, these cleverly designed rechargeable stun devices deliver enough of an electrical charge to be effective against most assailants. The taser pen is not dangerous when used correctly for personal protection and self-defense. The stun pen is designed to have high volts to deliver the maximum milliamp to be considered a nonlethal stun weapon. The stun gun pen’s low amperage output creates pain, minor muscle memory numbness, and temporary loss of muscle control with no permanent damage or harm to an assailant.

What Is The Voltage A Stun Pen?

A stun gun pen voltage packs a punch! They are designed to ensure maximum safety and protection with a high voltage output of up to 5 milliamps. The stun pen’s voltage range varies due to the battery size and distance between the stun pen prongs. The stun device’s voltage output function is to deliver the milliamp current that creates the shock function of a tazer pen. The stun pen voltage range is typically between 3,000,000 and 10,000,000 volts – enough to effectively disrupt the body’s muscle system and cause temporary immobilization. Moreover, thanks to its non-lethal design, you won’t have any long-term harm inflicted on your assailant either. The advanced rechargeable lithium-ion battery produces a staggering 5 million volts of electricity output on average, giving you the peace of mind that comes with having the ultimate protection in your pocket. When activated, this efficient stun device will deliver an effective non-lethal shock, allowing you to ward off would-be assailants without resorting to potentially deadly force.

Are Stun Gun Pens Illegal?

The answer is both yes and no. While stun guns themselves are legal in most states, in the USA, the technology utilized in a stun gun pen may be used legally for personal self-defense. Below is an outline of the USA’s basic stun gun pen laws. For more details, you can reference our stun gun pen laws by state page.

Stun Gun Pen Laws & Restrictions Summary:

  • Stun pen ownership and sales are prohibited In Rhode Island.
  • Tazer pens and stun guns with restricted in the flowing states and must be owned with a valid concealed carry permit by the states: Connecticut, Delaware, Illinois, New Mexico, West Virginia, and Wisconsin.
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