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What Are Phone Tazers?

One of the new stun gun styles that is becoming popular due to it spy gear like capability, are the phone tazers. These models are discrete stun guns that are made into a replica of the popular iphone or smart phone. The stun gun phone models are less lethal stun weapons and not a actual operating phone. Also available are tazer phone cases that you put your real phone in to that will protect the phone, and turn it in to a shock weapon, along with additional battery backup power. The main benefit of the phone is it is a compact discreet stun device that gives you the upper hand, and the element of surprise, if an attacker tries to harm you. Imagine walking to your car in a dark parking lot, and you see a shadow from the corner of your eye. You start to feel uneasy as you notice you are being followed. You reach into your pocket, purse, or backpack to get your stun gun phone, you power it on, and act like you are talking on the phone. If the attacker continues towards you and tries to grab the phone, you are prepared to give them the shock of their life. What a surprise it would be as you zap the assailant, when they thought they were stealing your phone or worse, planning to harm you. Sometimes the element of surprise is your best line of defense, and phone tazers offer just that.

This style stun weapon technology was created decades ago originally as a nonlethal stun device for law enforcement, police and military. It was engineered like a pistol that uses replaceable stun dart cartridges that are popular today by both police and civilians. Once the cartridge shoots the stun darts the empty cartridge can be removed and used as a direct contact stun gun. Stun guns that shoot are commonly called, and spelled tasers, made by Axon, formally known as Taser International. The stun gun that shoots stun darts are larger and much more expensive than a direct contact phone taser or stun gun phone. The phone tazers on this page do not shoot stun darts. The stun probes are attached to the top of the phone case. With this model you need to be in direct contact for the stun gun smart phone to work properly. If you would like to buy the Taser Brand stun dart gun, you can reference our large selection of different colors, models, and brands of taser gun weapons.

The terms taser, tazer and stun gun are interchangeable for many consumers and our customers. With that being said, customers use the terms as if they mean the same thing. For the most part they do in functionality as electric shock weapons. As mentioned, phone tazers are direct contact stun guns incased inside the replica of common smartphone models that are discrete stun gun. The detailed injection molded deign of a phone tazer case is hard not to mistaken it for an actual cell phone. The cell phone stun gun also comes in a few color options and styles to best fit your needs, and styles. When the phone tasers are turned on you have the stun feature, a led mini flashlight feature, and a few models include a high decibel personal alarm. Stun guns are considered less lethal shock weapons due to the flow of current and milliamp output that prevents long-term damage or death. A direct contact phone taser is affordable and works well when the stun probes are in direct contact with the skin for 2 to 5 seconds, creating pain, numbness, and short-term loss of muscle control. The electrical current of the modern stun guns are powerful enough so they can penetrate and flow current through normal layers of clothing also. A stun gun phone device is designed to leave no permanent damage and is safe to use for civilians and professionals for self-defense. If you are looking for a powerful less lethal shock weapon choice, a phone tazer might be a good choice for both men and women’s self defense, security, and personal protection. All the models we sell, and offer are dual function phone tazers with flashlight and built in rechargeable battery packs with USB smart charging systems. If you are looking for a discreet stun gun, than a tazer phone could be the best shock weapon choice for you.

How Phone Tazers Work?

Often, we get asked the question how does a phone tazer or a cell phone stun gun work? The technology of a shock weapon is simple in theory. A phone tazer has an internal rechargeable battery with a step-up transformer that will generate the current through the stun probes, creating the shock weapon. Now, with that being said, modern model stun guns and tazer phones have additional features, like a flashlight and or personal alarms with internal smart usb charging systems. The new modern self-defense phone taser technology is much more advanced and a little more complicate to explain the functionality. We believe that a educated consumer, is the best consumer so you are prepared and armed if the time ever comes that you need to defend yourself or a love one with a stun device weapon. When a consumer understands how shock weapons work, they are better prepared to select and purchase the right model for their individual needs to stay safe, secure, and even defend themselves in high stress times by using a shock device like a phone tazer.

It is important to understanding how a less lethal shock weapon is designed to work, like a stun gun. A phone tazer works best when the operator understands the functionality of electric circuit that is being completed, along with the basic concept and science behind a less lethal stun device to deliver the best outcome when using a phone tazer. To use a cell phone stun guns it is best that you get the proper and most accurate information on the operation of how a shock device works. First being ready, prepared and aware of your surroundings is essential, in the event you need to use a phone taser to defend yourself. A stun gun phone is designed on the basic principle of creating an electrical current between two metal prongs at the end of the stun gun. These metal prongs are known as electrodes. The electric current that passes through these electrodes is created by applying an electrical charge between the two electrodes, generated from the rechargeable battery  pack batteries depending on the model. The electrical charge current then passes between the electrodes. A typical hand held stun gun, including the phone tazer models true open voltage is around 30,000 volts. When this electric current is in contact with the body, the electric current will flow through the body of the target, creating pain and numbness. Direct contact stun devices like the phone taser need to be in contact for 2 to 5 seconds for maximum results. Often the muscle contractions and body limb numbness happen from the stun gun being used properly. It could leave an attacker temporarily incapacitated, giving you time to get to safety or call for help. If a phone tazer is not the right stun weapon model, size or design for you. Check out our large selection of stun gun models, or maybe a stun gun flashlight, taser baton, or a set of tazer knuckles might be a better choice for your protection, security, and self-defense. The bottom line is a stun gun is an affordable way to be better prepared. If you happen to accidently give yourself a zap, you will understand how it works. For most, mentally seeing the bright blue spark, and hearing the loud crackling sound generated from a quick test fire in the air, will get someone to think twice before harming another person.

What About Stun Gun Phones Voltage Claims?

Now, some users are skeptical about the safety of phone tazers and replica stun gun phone type weapons due to some misconceptions about the maximum voltage a stun gun can produce. These misconceptions come from an unregulated industry and non-USA based manufactures and suppliers making ridiculous, embellished false voltage claims about the power of their products. The practice of posting voltage claims without any proof of the voltage on the stun weapon, package or instructions should raise concern for any consumer that will be spending their hard earn money on an inferior product and a brand that never publishes the details on their products or packaging to support the claim that they make the high voltage in realty. At U-Guard Security Products we inspect, test, use, and back all our products with a satisfaction purchase guarantee. Our customers can be assured they are getting what they paid for, and we are here to support them with any concerns or issues they might have. We have simplified the technical jargon relating to stun gun voltage and will put to rest some of the misconceptions around the maximum voltage a stun gun smartphone can produce. We clearly want to lay out the science-supported truth on voltage before our customers decide about buying stun guns from brands and suppliers that do not back up their inferior products and false claims of the power their stun devices produce.

If you’ve been researching stun guns, you may have come across some wild claims that some models like self defense phone tasers can produce upwards of 100 million volts and even a few brands are making claims their models are generating billions of volts. This is completely inaccurate information. Please do your research before spending your hard earn money with any company or brand that does not backup their claims with real confirmation and documentation. Fortunately for the safety of the user, these claims are not only false, but widely misleading. First, it is important to note, voltage is not the actor in causing the debilitating muscle convulsions, pain and stopping power when engaging a target with a stun device weapon. It is current that does the work. Current is measured in microcoulombs, (the measure of current per second) is the metric agencies like the National Institute of Justice, or NIJ, look at when measuring the effectiveness of stun device and shock weapons. Users want to consider the measurement of current running through a target’s body that is created by the voltage applied by the stun gun probes, rather than simply outrageous voltage claims.

In the past many USA manufactures used voltage on their stun gun packaging and instructions to identify the brand, styles, and for marketing purposes to show the difference to the consumer of stun gun models like a phone tazers. The top USA brands and manufactures have recently started removing and stopped publishing voltage claims due to the voltage limitations by design and the ability to accurately test and measure the voltage claims. A stun weapon that is designed well, with quality components will work the same because a less-lethal stun weapon is limited by law due to the output of milliamps delivered through the current, that is produced by the open volts. The limited milliamps is what makes a stun device a less lethal weapon not the voltage. In general, most model stun gun voltage top out at around 30,000 volts. The primary reason 30,000 volts is the average measured voltage ceiling, is due to a physical limitation in how a phone stun gun or any hand stun gun is designed. The stun prongs on shock weapons are only separated at about one to two centimeters and can physically only allow for a voltage difference of about 30,000 volts. If you were to space the prongs out farther, with a greater power source, you could then start to see larger voltage ratings, but it would be limited. At the end of the day, many businesses are profiting off false claims overstating voltage ratings in hopes to get naive buyers to buy in to their cheaply made products. It goes back to the old saying “you get what you pay for” You can be assured we sell, test and support the best brands and model stun weapons available that produce the highest, most consistent, and reliable open voltage to deliver the current needed for the stopping power to the legal limits.

Lifetime Warranty On All Cell Phone Stun Guns. 

When you make a purchase with U-Guard Security Products we value your business for a lifetime.  All our phone tazers and discreet stun gun models are backed by a lifetime warranty from manufacture defects. Every phone taser model we sell are hand tested and inspected in the USA for quality and imperfections. We are confident in the quality of our products and your satisfaction. We personally support a Lifetime Warranty on every model of phone tazers purchased through

FREE SHIPPING! On-Phone Tazer Models.  

We offer competitive pricing and all our products, including the phone tazers are shipped domestically with FREE SHIPPING! We value our customers and the trust you put in us for quality and service. The least we can do is offer transparent pricing on every order page and checkout. You will never be surprised with a cheap price on a taser phone but high shipping cost. The price you see is the price you will pay. Due to the size and weight of the cell phone stun guns we ship all orders within 24 hours and our average delivery time from order to your door is 2 to 4 days. Click here for more information on our FREE SHIPPING Policy!

Purchase Satisfaction Guarantee On Stun Gun Phone Replicas.

At U-Guard Security Products LLC we would not be here if it wasn’t for our valued customers. We are proud to offer ALL orders our “Purchase Satisfaction Guarantee” policy. If you are not happy with your purchase, you can return it no questions asked. The purchase guarantee policy explains our entire program in detail on it works.  You can feel confident when buying a phone taser you are getting the best product and service your money can buy.  For more information, please review our Purchase Satisfaction Guarantee!

What Are The Phone Tazers Stun Gun Laws By State?  

If you have questions if a phone tazer or stun gun phone weapon is legal to purchase, carry, or own. Please reference our detailed stun gun laws by state information page for all stun gun laws in the United States. We do our best to keep this page up to date and accurate, but always recommend our customer check for local restriction and laws in the local area. Most government agency have the information published online for resident reference.  Currently the only two state in the USA that do not allow stun guns for self-defense use for civilians are the state of Hawaii and the State of Rhode Island.  For the most part, stun and shock weapons like tazer phones are legal in most states with the exception of a few cities, counties and states that have some regulations that could require a permit or carry license. Click for information on stun gun phone laws.

Stun Gun Laws by Country:  U-Guard Security Products LLC does its best to research the laws in the USA and countries located outside of the United States.  We have decided at this time to only sell and ship domestically within the United States. We have made this decision due to the broad variety of laws and regulations on several of our products like tasers, stun guns, pepper sprays, micro surveillance spy gear, metal batons and knives, that require special government permissions, permits, or licenses required to distribute our products outside of the US.  Several countries have strict laws and regulation on stun weapons that prevent the use, position, or sales of nonlethal electric stun weapons like phone tazers and stun guns.  The list below is a few of the countries that have strict laws on non-lethal stun and shock devices. The Information is for reference only please research your local area for the most current laws on stun weapons.

  • Are Stun Guns Legal in Austria? – NO (not for civilian use)
  • Are Stun Guns Legal in Belgium? – NO (not for civilian use)
  • Are Stun Guns Legal in Greece? – NO (not for civilian use)
  • Are Stun Guns Legal in Hungary? – NO (not for civilian use)
  • Are Stun Guns Legal in Ireland? – NO (not for civilian use)
  • Are Stun Guns Legal in Italy? – NO (not for civilian use)
  • Are Stun Guns Legal in Netherlands? – NO (not for civilian use)
  • Are Stun Guns Legal in Portugal? – NO (not for civilian use)
  • Are Stun Guns Legal in United Kingdom? – NO (not for civilian use)
  • Are Stun Guns Legal in Canada? – NO (not for civilian use)
  • Are Stun Guns Legal in Mexico? – NO (not for civilian use) 


U-Guard Security Products LLC is not responsible for any physical harm or damage from the use or misuse of self-defense devices, including stun guns, tasers, pepper sprays, spy products, survival and camping gear, knives, handcuffs, police or military supplies, tactical ballistic bullet protection devices, flashlights, batteries, chargers, power cords, or any items sold on or shipped by U-Guard Security Products LLC or purchased from us.  This Disclaimer may be posted on individual pages as well as on this page that covers site pages, catalogs and company in its entirety or any past, current or future properties of U-Guard Security Products LLC.  By purchasing any item from us, you understand that U-Guard does not warrant that you may legally purchase, possess, or carry these products according to any state or local laws. You also acknowledge that you have determined their legality before purchasing and that you are an adult of at least 18 years of age and under no legal disability.

By purchasing from U-Guard, the buyer warrants that he/she is in compliance with all applicable federal, state, and local laws and regulations regarding the purchase, ownership, and use of the item. The buyer expressly agrees to indemnify and hold harmless U-Guard Security Products LLC for all claims resulting directly or indirectly from the purchase, ownership, shipments and use of the item(s) in compliance or violation of federal state and local laws or regulations. Reference Terms And Conditions for more information.

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