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Welcome to U-Guard Security Products, your trusted source for high-quality stun guns, tasers, and other shock weapons designed for personal protection and law enforcement. Our comprehensive Stun Gun online catalog includes the largest selection of stun device options, colors, and styles that deliver mighty stopping power to keep you safe. Please browse our range of stun guns for sale and find the perfect self-defense solution tailored to your needs. Equip yourself with the best shock weapons available, and stay protected today!

Where can I buy stun guns?

When considering the purchase of a stun gun or Taser for personal safety, finding a reliable source is essential. U-Guard Security Products offers a wide array of stun guns for sale, catering to professional-grade tactical stun guns, mini stun guns, and flashlight models. Our stun guns and shock weapons are available for direct purchase through our secured online platform, ensuring you get only high-quality and dependable equipment with Free Shipping and Lifetime Warranties on most of our products.

If you’re in law enforcement or concerned about personal safety, our professional series stun gun inventory can meet your needs. We provide detailed information on each stun gun, helping you make an informed, confident purchase. Whether you’re looking for a stun gun that fits in your pocket or a more robust tactical stun option, we have you covered. We also sell Taser guns, which offer a different method of shock defense from a distance. They are stun guns that shoot two small stun darts from a replaceable single-shot cartridge. Depending on your situation and budget, a Taser gun could be a better option. Our website thoroughly compares the benefits of Tasers versus stun guns so you can choose wisely. 

Our easy-to-navigate website also includes sections on stun gun prices and recommendations.  Are you concerned about the legality of owning a stun gun? U-Guard Security Products provides comprehensive guides on stun gun laws across different states in the USA. This way, you know strictly what’s permitted and isn’t before purchasing. With our professional-grade stun guns and user-friendly purchasing process, you’re only a few clicks away from enhancing your safety. Buying a stun gun from U-Guard Security Products ensures you are equipped with expert knowledge, resources, quality, warranties, and the best pricing!  We invite you to browse our stun guns for sale section to find the perfect personal defense tool. Whether you need a tactical stun gun for field duty or a mini stun device for everyday carry, you can feel confident we’re here to help you with all your defensive weapon needs. Your safety is our priority.

Stun gun prices:

When considering stun gun prices, several factors must be considered to ensure you get the best tactical stun weapon for your needs. At U-Guard Security Products, we offer a wide range of stun guns for sale.

The price of a stun gun can vary widely depending on its features and build quality. For instance, compact models like the mini stun gun are generally more affordable than their larger, feature-rich counterparts. For those looking for a versatile tool, stun flashlights combine the functionality of a flashlight with the stopping power of a stun gun, and they typically fall into the mid-range price category. Our professional series stun guns often come with advanced features like higher voltage and rechargeable batteries, which may slightly increase the price. Still, they provide excellent value for law enforcement and security professionals.

Expect a different price range if you want to buy a Taser (a stun gun that shoots), as these devices usually incorporate more sophisticated technology. However, they offer an additional level of security and are a popular choice among consumers and security personnel. Whether you purchase a Taser or a stun gun, it’s essential to weigh the prices against the features and quality offered. 

In summary, stun gun price ranges are based on the type, brand, style, quality, and features of the device, which will play a big part in the price of stun weapons. If that is your goal, entry-level stun guns are available at a lower cost. If you are interested in more advanced multifunction stun gun models offering additional features, be prepared to invest more. By browsing, you can easily compare the various stun guns for sale and decide based on your specific needs and budget. So whether you’re looking to buy a tactical stun device or need a reliable stun gun for personal security, you’ll find the quality and affordability you need right here.

What is the best stun gun to purchase?

When it comes to personal safety and security, choosing the best stun gun to purchase is smart. With many options on the market, it’s essential to understand which features are most important. Many individuals and even law enforcement professionals rely on high-quality stun guns for their effectiveness and ease of use. At U-Guard Security Products, we’ve curated a selection of the most reliable and robust stun guns for sale, including tactical stun guns, professional-grade stun guns, mini stun guns, and stun flashlights. 

A mini stun gun might be your best bet if you’re looking for a compact yet powerful option. These tiny devices are easy to conceal and handle, making them ideal for everyday carry. Our premium stun guns offer superior power and reliability for more demanding situations. These units are designed to meet your needs, ensuring you have the best possible defense tool in a compact design. 

Tactical stun guns are also an excellent choice for those seeking additional functionalities. These models often come equipped with flashlights, alarms, rechargeable batteries, and enhanced grips, making them versatile and efficient in various scenarios. A multifunction stun gun could be the perfect fit if you value multi-purpose tools. These devices offer triple-layer protection by combining the disorienting effects of bright light with a personal alarm and then the incapacitating power of a stun gun. 

In addition to stun guns, we also offer a range of Tasers for sale. Tasers provide another level of self-defense by incapacitating threats from a distance. Due to their range and reliability, they’re often used by law enforcement. Whether you opt for a traditional stun gun or a Taser, you invest in your safety. Browse our extensive collection of shock weapons to find the best stun gun for your needs and ensure you’re prepared for any situation. 

You can choose your style, size, design, color, and stun gun price to fit your budget and life style!

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Which stun gun is the most effective?

Regarding personal safety and security, you might ask, “Which stun gun is the most effective?” We offer a comprehensive range of stun guns and shock weapons to meet various needs. Law enforcement agencies often utilize these tools to provide quick and reliable immobilization, but they’re equally effective for personal safety. 

Professional-grade stun weapons are built for high performance, delivering powerful electrical shocks that can quickly incapacitate an attacker. Critical features of professionally designed stun guns include higher voltage outputs, maximum milliamps, durable construction, and often additional safety features. For compact options, mini stun guns offer excellent effectiveness in a smaller package. These are perfect for those who need a weapon that’s easy to conceal and transport without sacrificing power. The best mini stun guns combine high voltage and compact design, making them ideal for personal safety and quick access. Another popular choice is the stun flashlight, a multifunctional tool that combines a powerful flashlight with a high-voltage stun gun. This tactical stun device is particularly effective as it provides illumination and delivers a potent shock. Law enforcement and civilians favor the stun flashlight for its dual functionality and effectiveness. For general use, the series stun guns provide a balanced combination of power, durability, and affordability. These models often have multiple features, such as rechargeable batteries, safety switches, disabled pins, features, and even integrated alarms. They offer a versatile solution for anyone purchasing an effective stun gun. 

When browsing stun guns for sale, it’s essential to consider what type of encounters you might face. A professional series stun gun might be the best option if you require a tool specifically for tactical scenarios or professional use. A mini stun or stun flashlight can be highly effective without being cumbersome for everyday personal protection. Ultimately, the most effective stun gun suits your specific needs and lifestyle.

Which is better, a Taser or a stun gun?

When it comes to personal safety and self-defense, many people wonder: Which is better, a Taser or a Stun Gun? Both devices are highly effective in incapacitating an attacker, but they operate in different ways, and each has unique advantages. A Taser is a device used by many law enforcement agencies because it can be deployed from a distance. Taser guns shoot two small probes attached to wires, delivering an electric shock that disrupts muscle control. On the other hand, a stun gun requires direct contact with the attacker to provide its electric shock, making it a more hands-on tool for self-defense. 

The convenience and required proximity of usage significantly determine which weapon is better for your needs. For example, a Taser might be preferable if you anticipate needing to keep a distance from a potential threat. Law enforcement professionals and certain security personnel often favor Tasers for their range and ability to keep an assailant at bay. A direct-contact stun gun might be a suitable choice for those seeking efficiency without the need for extended range and on a budget. 

The field of shock weapons has evolved, offering advanced technologies tailored to enhance personal safety. Whether it’s a Taser’s reliable power or a stun gun’s hands-on effectiveness, you can find the device that best suits your lifestyle and defense needs. It’s essential to consider the pros and cons of each type of weapon before making a purchase. A well-informed decision on buying a Taser or a stun gun can provide peace of mind, ensuring you have the right tool for your safety. Visit to explore our complete range of shock weapons and buy the perfect device for protecting yourself or your loved ones.

Are stun guns illegal in the USA?

Stun guns and Tasers, popular choices for personal safety and self-defense, raise essential legal considerations in the USA. One common question is whether these weapons are illegal. The legality of stun guns and Tasers varies from state to state and sometimes even by city or municipality. At the same time, many areas in the USA allow citizens to purchase and own stun guns and Tasers for personal protection; others impose restrictions on their use and possession. Law enforcement personnel often rely on these devices, known as tactical stun weapons, in critical situations due to their effectiveness in subduing suspects without lethal force.

Rhode Island is the only state in the USA that does not allow stun guns.  The State of Rhode Island Stun Gun Law bans using and owning stun guns. All other states permit the purchase and use of stun gun devices for self-defense but impose stipulations on their use. Typically, Reference our “Stun Gun Laws By State” page for your state’s stun weapon laws. Resources like U-Guard Security Products offer a range of legal options. Before deciding to buy, always consider checking the latest updates on your local laws to avoid the risk of unknowingly breaking the law. Understanding these regulations helps ensure your purchase is legal and compliant within your local area.

What are the stun gun laws?

Understanding the laws regarding stun guns is crucial for anyone interested in personal safety and self-defense. In the USA, the legality of stun guns, tasers, and other shock weapons varies from state to state. It’s important to know if owning, carrying, or using these devices is legal in your area before making a purchase. Some states and local jurisdictions have specific restrictions or outright bans on stun guns, making them illegal for civilians. Many popular, large, general online retailers that sell several types of products will not sell or ship stun guns to certain states and cities because they need help understanding the local laws and navigating the law requirements legally. Dealing with niche self-defense stun gun shops, stores, and online security retailers will ensure they stay current with restrictions, changes, and any possible legal issues that could arise. Reference our stun gun law page for more information about your state. 


Q: What types of stun guns and Tasers do U-Guard Security Products offer?

A: U-Guard Security Products offers a comprehensive range of stun guns and Tasers, including professional series, tactical stun devices, mini stun guns, and flashlights. Our inventory includes models designed for personal protection and law enforcement, providing powerful stopping power to suit various defensive needs.

Q: Are stun guns and Tasers legal in all states?

A: No, the legality of stun guns and Tasers varies by state and sometimes city. While many areas in the USA allow purchasing and possessing these devices for personal protection, others have specific restrictions or outright bans. Researching and verifying the laws in your particular state or city before purchasing is crucial to ensure compliance.

Q: What factors should I consider when choosing a stun gun or Taser?

A: When choosing a stun gun or Taser, consider factors such as required proximity (stun guns require direct contact, while Tasers can be deployed from a distance), intended use (personal protection vs. professional use), size and portability (mini stun guns are more compact), additional functionalities (like flashlights), and your budget. U-Guard Security Products provides detailed descriptions and comparisons on our website to help you make an informed decision.

Q: How can I purchase a stun gun or Taser from U-Guard Security Products?

A: You can purchase stun guns and Tasers directly through U-Guard Security Products’ secure online platform. Browse our stun guns for sale, choose the model that fits your needs, and complete the purchase process through our user-friendly website. We also offer stun gun bundles at discounted rates, providing excellent value for those looking to stock up on personal safety devices.

Q: What distinguishes a professional grade from a standard stun gun?

A: Professional-grade stun guns are built for high performance and are often used by law enforcement and security professionals. They typically offer higher voltage outputs, durable construction, and advanced safety features. On the other hand, mini stun guns are compact, easy to conceal, and handle. While they may have slightly lower voltage outputs than professional models, mini-stun guns are ideal for everyday carry and personal protection. Both types are effective for self-defense, but the choice depends on your specific needs and usage scenarios. We offer premium professional-grade stun guns at great prices!

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