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U-Guard Security Products offers the largest selection of self-defense stun weapons, including taser batons, at the best prices. Stun batons are used both by professional law enforcement, and civilians for personal protection and self defense. We offer several model taser batons to fit all budgets. A tazer baton just might be the perfect personal protection weapon for your budget and needs.

Both stun batons and police stun batons come in several sizes and are made from various materials like aircraft aluminum, which reduces weight while increasing strength. Along with compact stun baton options that are made from polymer plastic with non-slip grip rubber coating.

A taser baton offers the best of both worlds in terms of non-lethal personal protection. With extended reach and shock capabilities allowing you to use it at a farther distance than a normal stun gun.  The stun baton also can be used as a blunt force weapon if needed to deter an attacker from doing you harm.

At U-Guard Security Products we offer the largest selection of stun device weapons and carry the major brands of tazer batons. All orders include free shipping and a purchase satisfaction guarantee. Our stun batons, stun sticks, tazer batons, and police stun batons include a lifetime warranty assuring you are backed by a quality product when you purchase from

Discover the perfect personal protection weapon for your budget and needs at U-Guard Security Products. Shop today for the ideal personal protection weapon that will keep you, and your loved ones, safe!

What Are Taser Batons?

If you are looking for maximum protection, security, safety and self-defense, then a taser baton might be your best choice. Taser batons offer additional benefits from standard normal size stun guns, with function and extend reach but are much larger in size and power. We offer several models of taser batons that are made from different materials depending on the primary purpose of the stun baton with flashlight for both professional and civilian use. We offer both heavy duty multifunction taser batons along with stun batons that are made from durable polymer plastic that is rubber coating to reduce weight while reducing size for better mobility and concealment. The metal tazer batons are direct contact weapons like a standard stun gun and works the same. The majority of the premium baton stun guns are made from a military grade aluminum for durability without adding additional weight. Most tazer batons include a high lumen multi brightness mode flashlight along with the tazer feature at the end of the flashlight bezel. Several model stun sticks come with grab strips along the baton body to prevent an assailant from grabbing the tazer baton. Some taser batons  include removable batteries for replacement and some include, sealed rechargeable battery packs inside the baton body with a lifetime warranty. Due to the various sizes of the stun gun baton and the flashlight features, about 95% of the baton stun tazers we sell are all rechargeable. We also sell premium battery-operated stun devices in the tazer baton category like hiking sticks with stun gun features like the model the zap hike strike, along with self defense canes with tazers for protection like the USA Paten walking cane the  zap cane model.

Tazer batons with stun features were originally created as a nonlethal stun device used by police, military, security guards and law enforcement. It was also designed in low power level versions for animal control, more commonly called a cattle prod. Please understand a stun baton or baton taser is not the same as an animal shock baton or stun stick prod. Taser batons  are designed for human self defense and should never be used on an animal, unless it was specifically designed with very low volts and engineered for animal use specifically. Please take note, even though the word taser or tazer is used often a stun baton is a direct contact stun gun built with the baton and need to properly work need to be in direct contact for the stun device to work. The common use of the name taser is used often for stun guns, but comes from the brand Taser International stun devices that will have a removeable cartridge that shoots projectile stun darts. Taser guns were engineered as a stun gun pistol that uses replaceable stun dart cartridges popular today by both police and civilians. Once the cartridge shoot the darts the empty cartridge can be removed and used as a direct contact stun gun. Stun guns that shoot are commonly called tasers and are made by Axon formally known as Taser International. Stun guns that shoot stun darts are designed as pistol style weapons and cost about 4 to 10 times the price of a premium taser baton or stun gun baton. Please note, even the brand Axon makes one model direct contact stun gun flashlight and they do not even call it a stun gun flashlight the name is a taser strikelight not a flashlight with a stun gun. If you would like more information or  buy the Taser Brand stun dart gun, you can reference our large selection of different colors, models, and brands of Taser Gun Weapons.

The terms taser, tazer and stun gun are interchangeable with most consumers, and for most people the terms mean the same thing, an electric charged shock weapon. The taser batons models on this page are are what is used on a regular basis with security guards and police officer weapons. Taser batons are direct contact shock batons and are affordable. The work well when the stun probes or stun stick grab strips are in contact with the skin for 2 to 5 seconds, creating pain, numbness, and short-term loss of muscle control. The electrical current of the modern stun gun batons are powerful enough so they can penetrate and flow current through light and normal layers of clothing. Tazer batons shock weapon stun features are less lethal and designed to leave no permanent damage and is safe to use for civilians and professional use. If you are looking for a powerful less lethal weapon choice, a baton tazer might be the perfect choice for self-defense, security, and personal protection.  All the models we sell, and offer are multifunctional stun batons with flashlights and most have different illumination function cycle modes with rechargeable battery functions. Taser batons are popular the for home, office, vehicle, on the job or while walking the dog for personal or professional security. The larger size of a tazer baton does limit it’s mobility to carry and conceal somewhat, but the benefits of a stun baton out weighs the minor issue of being a compact stun weapon design.

How A Taser Baton Works?

Taser batons work the same way a standard stun device works. Two primary benefits stun batons have is the club ability as a lethal striking weapon, along with its extended reach.  The average taser baton size offers about ten to fifteen inches of additional length from standard size hand stun gun. We understand the best consumer purchases are made when the consumer has all the information needed before making a purchase. It’s important to have accurate information so you can  be prepared if the time every comes to defend yourself or love ones with a stun device or a tazer baton. It is always best when customers understand how a stun gun works, they are better prepared to own, carry, and operate a stun gun baton, and can use it properly when it is needed.

It is important to understanding how a less lethal shock weapon is designed to work. A taser baton works best when the operator understands the functionality along with the basic concept and science behind a stun device to deliver the best outcome when a tazer baton is used properly. First being prepared, and aware of your surroundings is essential, in the event you need to use your taser baton to defend yourself. Baton stun guns are designed on the basic principle of creating an electrical current between two metal prongs at the end of the baton flashlight bezel. These metal prongs are known as electrodes. The electric current than passes through these electrodes that is created by applying an electrical charge between the two electrodes, generated from the rechargeable batteries inside the stun gun baton. The most common size stun gun typical voltage  will produce around 30,000 volts. When this electric current comes in contact with the body, the electric current will flow through the body of the target, leaving them temporarily incapacitated. If a taser baton is not the right stun weapon for your needs. You can check out our large selection of stun guns,  stun gun flashlights,   mini stun guns, or lipstick tazers might be a better choice when buying stun weapon for your protection, security and self-defense.

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