How Do Stun Guns Work

How Do Stun Guns Work?

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How Stun Guns Work

One of the biggest inquiries we receive is in understanding how stun guns work. We know that individuals are looking to practice safe ownership of stun guns and to do so, understanding how a stun gun works is key. In this article we will discuss exactly how stun guns are designed, how they work and best practices for maintenance and use. We believe this article will not only add to your knowledge of how stun guns work, but help you be better prepared in the event you need to use your stun gun.

Stun guns are designed on the basic principle of creating an electrical current between two metal prongs at the end of the stun gun. These metal prongs are known as electrodes. The electric current that passes through these electrodes is created by applying an the electric potential, or voltage, is the difference in potential energy per unit charge between two locations in an electric field of the two electrodes, generated from the battery(s) inside the stun device. This electrical potential is so powerful that when you engage the stun gun you can actually see and hear the electric current pass between the electrodes. Now this electrical current is extremely powerful as common stun guns typically produce around 30,000 volts. When this electric current comes into contact with the body of a target, the electric current will flow through the body of the target, leaving them temporarily incapacitated with short term pain and numbness.

Today specialty suppliers like U-Guard Security Products source, manufacture, and distribute the top brands, styles, colors, and models of stun devices. Now that you understand the basics of how stun guns work, let’s dive in a little deeper and look at why a stun gun would be a good choice for a nonlethal weapon for your personal protection.

How Stun Guns Work

Do Stun Guns Really Work?

There is a lot of confusion about how to measure the effectiveness of a stun gun, and do stun guns really work. Part of the problem is that specifying a stun gun’s voltage is practically meaningless. For one thing, the specified voltage is often exaggerated so high it is not even possible to believe, because the voltage claim of the stun device could never produce the exaggerated voltage that unregulated Chinese manufactures are advertising on website like stun guns sold on Amazon or eBay. Furthermore, the voltage drops to a much lower value, that is usually only a few thousand volts as soon as the stun electrodes make contact with a person.

Another reason that voltage is not a meaningful measure is that the voltage comes in very short bursts. These bursts are designed to mimic the pulses that nerves use to communicate. An accurate measure of the power in these bursts or pulses is in a unit called coulombs. A value of 0.5 microcoulombs is enough to cause pain. A value of more than 1 microcoulomb will cause immediate intense pain. A microcoulomb is one-millionth of a coulomb. As previously mentioned, even this small amount is millions of times greater than what a nerve uses to communicate with muscles.

When a muscle is stimulated by a stun gun, it quickly uses up all the energy stored in it. A depleted muscle cannot be used to move. Also, most muscles in the body have opposing muscles nearby. The stun gun usually burns out both opposing muscles. For example, if a stun gun is held to the upper arm, then it will temporarily disable the muscles that would be used to raise or lower the arm. If you have ever lifted weights repeatedly to the point of exhaustion, then you have some idea of what a stun gun does to a muscle.

One of the questions we get often is, does a stun gun work through clothes. The answer is yes, the voltage carries the current and the milliamps creates the shock that is usually between 4.4 and 4.9 milliamps with better stun gun models, and manufactures. A direct contact stun gun will create minor muscle contractions, numbness, and intense short-term pain when the stun gun electrodes are in contact with sensitive areas of the body for 3 to 5 seconds. This is how a stun gun works as a non-lethal affordable self defense device. Most of the time a test fire of the electrical charge is enough for a possible assailant to think before attacking someone. The bright blue sparks and loud crackling sound created by the voltage that’s pulsing between the stun gun electrodes is enough to stop a possible attack.

What To Look For In A Quality Stun Gun

We hope we answered the question “How Do Stun Guns Work” When considering a stun gun, work with a reputable source. Many times, low-grade off-market stun guns are going to come equipped with faulty parts that will render the stun gun useless or even dangerous to the user. When it comes down to the safety of you and your family, do not risk it with low-grade products. When looking for a quality stun gun, work with a supplier that you can contact directly for help with questions you may have and technical support. The supplier should offer purchase satisfaction guarantees, and a clearly defined warranty policy! This is a tried and true measure of an organization that puts their customers and their customer’s safety first.

Today, there is a growing concern around personal safety and in turn, has created a growing demand for tools and products to help improve a person’s safety. Whether it’s through acquiring stun guns, pepper spray, tasers, batons, knives or other self-defense products, individuals today are putting themselves and their families first by taking their personal safety seriously. As individuals are looking to stay safe through acquiring self-defense products, we also see individuals looking to improve upon their working knowledge of self-defense products to arm themselves with knowledge and better protect themselves.

Things To Consider When Looking To Buy A Stun Gun…

  • Reputable Supplier With Skilled Knowledgeable Staff
  • Quality Brands And Products That Offer Purchase Satisfaction Guarantees
  • Products Selection With Name Brands, Models, Colors & Styles
  • Warranty & Return Policies That Are Readily Available & Published
  • Transparent Affordable Pricing And When Possible Free Shipping

Contact Us For More Information On How A Stun Gun Works

Hopefully this article has armed you with some clear-cut information about how stun guns work. Make sure to check out our huge selection of stun guns for sale at U-Guard Security Products, we are so confident in the quality of the products we sell that we offer free shipping, a lifetime warranty and a purchase satisfaction guarantee on all orders! We believe safety is important. That’s why we put our customers first when it comes to their protection through quality security products. We always recommend a reputable company that specializes in the self-defense weapons industry. U-Guard Security Products offers the largest selection of stun gun models, brands, and selection with an educated team to help with any questions you have on how stun guns work.

Being prepared is key in your personal safety. A stun gun is only useful if you can reach and activate it at a moment’s notice. So, plan ahead to have it handy when you need it. On the other hand, don’t carry it through airport security or in your carry-on luggage. There are also restrictions for carrying weapons into many government buildings. Do your research ahead of time so you don’t end up having it confiscated.

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