Stun Guns vs Tasers

Stun Guns Vs. Tasers

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Stun Guns Vs. Tasers

How Are They Different & What’s The Right Choice For You

Are you considering purchasing a self-defense weapon but aren’t sure whether a stun gun or a taser is the right choice for you? We hear the same sentiment from individuals like yourself all the time. Customers want to purchase an electroshock weapon, and understand the value of self protection,but don’t know where to start or know what features to consider when choosing the right self defense weapon for them. On top of this, oftentimes individuals refer to stun guns and tasers interchangeably, when in reality these two types of electroshock weapons are actually very different.

In this article we will break down the commonalities and differentiating characteristics between stun guns and tasers. By the end of this article we believe that you should be well on your way to picking the right electroshock weapon for self defense purposes!

What Is A Stun Gun?

First, it’s important to note that both stun guns and tasers are designed on a common principle. The intention of both of these electroshock-style weapons is to incapacitate an attacker through applying a non-lethal electrical charge.

A stun gun is a type of non-lethal weapon that uses electric current to incapacitate an attacker. It works by delivering a high voltage shock with low amperage, which causes intense pain and instant muscle spasms, temporarily immobilizing the target without causing serious injury.

Direct contact stun guns are the most commonly used type of stun gun. They typically consist of two metal probes connected to the device by wires. These probes must make direct contact with the target in order for it to be effective. When someone is shocked with a direct contact stun gun, the electrical current passes through their body directly from one probe to another, resulting in immediate incapacitation and pain. The shock can last anywhere from several seconds up to 30 minutes depending on how long the trigger is held down for while in direct contact with the person.

A stun gun is an affordable non-lethal handheld direct contact electroshock weapon that produces a non-lethal electrical charge through two high voltage metal prongs at the end of the stun gun. When engaging the stun gun, a user can actually see and hear electrical current pass from one prong to another. When this electrical current makes contact with an attacker, the current runs through the attacker’s body, rendering that attacker temporarily incapacitated with intense pain. A stun gun is considered a nonlethal self-defense weapon that is designed for protection without doing permanent damage. 

You might be limited when making the choice between a stun gun or a taser due to your local state, county, and city restrictions, and or regulations on electric shock weapons check your local stun gun state laws. You can reference detailed stun gun laws at the U-Guard Security Products stun gun laws by state web page.

States that have some restrictions and regulations on civilians owning a direct contact stun device for personal protection and self-defense:  Hawaii, Rhode Island, Illinois, Wisconsin, Michigan, and Massachusetts. 

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Taser vs Stun Gun

What Is A Taser?

Now, tasers on the other hand have some fundamentally different characteristics compared to stun guns. A taser is designed to shoot an electrically charged projectile stun dart from the taser to the attacker to disperse the electrical charge. This electrically charged projectile is designed with two prongs at the end of the projectile that creates the current, much like the two prongs of a stun gun. This two-pronged projectile is physically connected to the taser via conducting wires that supply the electricity to the projectile.

A Taser is a device designed to temporarily incapacitate a person through electric shock and total loss of muscle control. It is used by both law enforcement and private citizens as a form of non-lethal self-defense. The most commonly known type of Taser uses an electroshock gun with two electrified dart-like single shot replaceable cartridges that are propelled by compressed nitrogen to deliver an electrical current that disrupts the target’s nervous system.

The stun darts are connected to the gun via insulated conductive wires, which send an electrical signal when fired. This signal travels along the wires and into the body, causing involuntary muscle contractions and disruption of nerve signals from the brain to other parts of the body, resulting in temporary paralysis or loss of consciousness. 

The important differentiating characteristic here is that the taser gun can shoot this non-lethal electrically charged projectile from a distance of around 15 feet, similar to how a compressed gas gun would fire. So, if you are looking to incapacitate your attacker from a distance, a taser might be the right choice for you.

Taser is a Brand, most stun guns that shoot are designed and patented by Taser International the parent company is Axon Enterprise, Inc. Most law enforcement agencies, police departments, and military personnel carry and use the Taser Brand professional grade, nonlethal Taser models. Taser decided to use the same technology and designed several civilian taser gun models over the years.  It is important to note that when comparing a taser vs a stun gun the taser technology gives you both a stun gun that can shoot 15 plus feet with replaceable taser stun dart cartridges. The taser cartridges are disposable and need to be replaced once fired. This feature adds additional cost to owning a Taser handgun. When the used cartridge is removed a Taser becomes a direct contact drive stun gun when the cartridge has been used and removed from the taser. Also, note that taser laws, and restrictions are also slightly different than regular contact stun guns.

You might be limited when making the choice between a stun gun or taser due to your local state, county, and city taser laws.  You can reference detailed taser laws at the U-Guard Security Products taser laws by state.

States that have some restrictions and regulations on civilians owning a taser gun for personal protection and self-defense:  Hawaii, Rhode Island, Illinois, Massachusetts, New Mexico, Alaska, Iowa, Michigan, Wisconsin, North Dakota, West Virginia, Maryland, Washington, DC, Mississippi, and Delaware.

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Stun Gun vs Taser - What Fits Your Personal Protection Need?

When considering a stun gun versus a taser consider your proximity to the attacker. Understandably stun guns are going to be most useful in close range, as the stun gun applies the electrical charge via the handheld device. Tasers on the other hand can incapacitate an attacker at a distance of up to 15 feet by firing the electrically charged projectile. Keep in mind that most states allow legal possession of both stun guns and tasers, however a few states do not.

Make sure to check your local state laws on tasers here and local state laws on stun guns here. The cost between a stun gun or a taser could be a factor to consider depending on your budget.  Price difference between a stun gun vs stun gun is a something to think about,  Taser stun guns that shoot have a price point that starts around $325 plus. The top of line direct contact  stun gun will cost under $250. Being the best quality most and most popular stun guns at between $25 to $50 price range. You can check out models and styles of stun guns that shoot tasers style weapons, for civilian and law enforcement with pricing you can check out Taser For Sale at U-Guard Security Products. If a contact stun device works better for your needs and budges. You can also Buy Stun Guns at U-Guard, If you decide that a stun gun is the better option vs a taser gun.

Taser vs Stun Gun - Now You Know The Real Difference!

Hopefully this article has armed you with some clear cut information about tasers and stun guns. Make sure to check out our massive inventory of both stun guns and tasers here! At U-Guard Security Products, we are so confident in the quality of the products we sell that we offer free shipping, a lifetime warranty and a satisfaction guarantee on all orders! We believe safety is important. That’s why we put our customers first when it comes to their protection through quality security products.

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